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Sunday, 26 August 2012

Viva Las Vegas in Fiction

As Las Vegas has been in the news recently (the flashing of some very royal peaches in the city caused quite a stir), we thought we would select a couple of novels from the 2,100 currently on our database, that just ooze glitter, light and action, set in this, the grandest (and seediest) of North American desert cities. These are dazzling reads, and truly transport you the reader to the city, almost as if you were there yourself....

"see a location through an author's eyes" 

16 stories. Las Vegas provides the classic sophistication and darkness necessary for a deadly noir story. Stylish, sultry, brimming with ambition and greed, the characters who populate this literary Las Vegas are pushed to the extremes of human experience. From the neon glitter of the Strip to the treacherous views of Red Rock Canyon and Boulder City, from the desperation of Naked City to the racial tensions of the Westside, no other location offers so many different avenues leading to serious trouble.

Angela receives a letter from the immigration service revoking her visa. 30 days to obtain another visa or leave the country! Best friend Jenny Lopez suggests that she marries boyfriend Alex................

undefinedIt's Halloween in Las Vegas and things are crazier than normal for Connie the wedding planner. Vicky and Frank are in town for their nuptials but she soon realises that he has more on his mind than wedding bells. Vicky's teenage daughter Tina is less than impressed until she meets Connie's moody and enigmatic son Kyle. Frank's brother John is trying to hold everyone together but then something happens that turns the wedding party on their heads at 4am in Las Vegas!

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