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Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Amazing fiction set in Amsterdam

A couple of delectable novels set in Amsterdam, both very different and selected from our collection of city set fiction. If you are looking for a specific genre just title an e mail Book Butler at and we will help you find great literature that evokes a location - an innovative way to get a feel for a place.

"see a location through an author's eyes"

A strange and mesmerising book, set in Amsterdam. Two couples - the two men are brothers - meet over dinner one evening and the structure of the book is governed by the courses of the meal, various dishes pepper the plot, you can almost hear the sound of the cutlery clinking on plates. The polite discourse circumnavigates the core event, perpetrated as we find out by the offspring of the two couples. It is a stylish and sometimes quirky read, darkly delicious in parts and thought provoking. Does it conjure up Amsterdam? It certainly has a Dutch flavour but it is the storyline that captures the imagination.

In contrast this is a richly evocative novel set in the wintry city. This is a story which stretches back over 250 years. Ruth Braams is an art historian who works on processing claims on artwork stolen by the Nazis during their occupation of the Netherlands. One day in the Rijksmuseum, she meets an elderly lady called Lydia who has registered a claim on an odd little painting - and here begins a dark adventure.

Whether it is The Diary of a Young Girl (Anne Frank) or books about Tulip Fever, come and share the books that have transported you to the canals of Amsterdam here, in Comments. Love to hear from us to make this a valuable resource for travellers.

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  1. If you're looking for suspense fiction set in Amsterdam, check out the Amsterdam Assassin Series by Martyn V. Halm, an Amsterdam native.