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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

The backpacker book collection - novel suggestions and so much more...

The Plain of Jars in Lao - photo courtesy
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  1. I'd like to add ''Mule Train'' by Huw Francis, which crosses Pakistan from Karachi to Lahore, and from Islamabad to the Afghan border and up to Chitral. A must read for anyone travelling in that part of Asia!

  2. A FABULOUS addition to our list. We will update our compilation. Thank you for taking the time to suggest "Mule Train" by Huw Francis, a great thriller!

  3. Hi, I apologize for the self promotion, but I have a self published novel on Amazon that was inspired by my days working on the outback farms in Australia to extend my backpacking visa. It is called The Outback and can be described as the Beach meets Wolf Creek. Obviously, I would not expect it to be added simply on the author's own recommendation. Therefore it can be downloaded for free at Smashwords on the below link by entering the coupon code: RK58K

    I hope that you can find the time to take a look and if you like it, maybe add it to your list. When I was backpacking this was pretty much the kind of book that I was always looking for and I think that other backpackers would appreciate it too. The voucher will expire on 7th of June.

    1. Hi David

      Thank you for suggesting your book. We very pleased to add it to our database - our site is open to anyone to suggest novels that are strong on location, and we aim to encourage as diverse a range of novels as possible and ultimately reader reviews. Here is the link Thanks again!

  4. Great list! I would also like to recommend my own book, a new title in the backpacker fiction genre set in Nepal and Thailand: Down and Out in Kathmandu: adventures in backpacking. Those who loved The Beach, Losing Gemma and Backpack should really enjoy it! “An idealistic backpacker volunteering as an English teacher in Nepal finds herself entangled with an international gang of smugglers who think she’s stolen their diamonds.” The first five chapters are available for free via Amazon and Smashwords: , .