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Wednesday, 8 August 2012

Farang on Phuket

We feature a couple of novels set on the island of Phuket to whet your appetite - feel the sun blazing down, settle down in a hammock and drift into the world of island life in Thailand.

Catching the Sun tells the story of the Finn family and their move to the North of Phuket. The experience of the farang (it is farang in plural rather than farangs??), the Westerners who try to make the island paradise their home. The scenery is lush and evocative, but life and natural events take their toll. The beach is real, the story is fiction - and you can tell that Parsons has a real sense of what it means to dive into Thai island life, the bars are there, the fairy lights, the festivals, the food, the smells and the sun going down over the glassy ocean. Raise a Singha beer to good fiction and enjoy a rollercoaster ride!

Another story of what lurks beneath the island idyll. Welcome to Phuket. It s a paradise, for the rich, the beautiful and the heavily armed. When Jack Shepherd runs into international racketeer and fugitive Plato Karsarkis in a Phuket beach bar one night, little can he imagine the series of events the chance encounter sets in motion. Jack finds himself swiftly embroiled in a world of arms deals, extortion and blackmail.

Do drop by our site and if you know of a book that deserves recognition because it really brings a place to life (and we don't already feature it) let us know. We are also starting to take reviews of books - so imagine coming to the site to look for readers' Top Three Fiction set in Paris, or Top Three Crime set in Bangkok - this is a new and exciting way to get to know a place and find inspiration for new reading material!

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