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Wednesday, 13 June 2012

A Smörgåsbord of fiction (Denmark)

Over to Denmark, famous for (among other things) Hamlet, Hans Christian Anderson, LEGO, Carlsberg Beer, the Little Mermaid and some great fiction to bring the country to life!

Set in modern Denmark, Bess is coming to terms with the death (by shooting) of her husband Halland. Why was he shot?
The chapters are short, vignettes almost, describing her encounters with different people who subsequently move in and out of her life, and tell of the discoveries she makes along the way. The TLS describes this kind of contemporary literature as "2 hour books to be devoured in a single sitting: literary cinema for those fatigued by film".

King Christian IV of Denmark is, in the year of 1630, living in a limbo of fear and rage for his life, his country's ruin, and his wife's not-so-secret adultery. He consoles himself with the weaving of impossible dreams and with music--played by his Royal Orchestra in the freezing cellar at Rosenborg while he listens in his cosy Vinterstue above. Music, he hopes, will create the sublime order he craves. Kirsten, his devious wife, is a continual maker of Beautiful Plans to outwit, avenge, feed her greed. And she detests music.
Tremain directs the story with an eye to detail and wit and transports the reader to seventeenth century Denmark. 

(And one final thought, do Danish Beer Bottles really have a message at the bottom that says "Open Other End"?)

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