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Thursday, 21 June 2012

Help needed to find a specific novel set in Japan

We have kept a fairly meticulous record of all the books we have read over the last 15 or so years that are "set in"  and evocative of location; but we have mislaid details for one very specific book that we would very much like to rediscover. Please can you help?

The novel is set in Tokyo, it tells the story of a turn of the 20th century British woman who set sail for Japan and ends up working in a department store there, selling stock, cloth and generally adjusting to life in a very new environment. This  book was so detailed of life in Japan in that period, that it sowed the inital seeds for But despite our best endeavours we cannot recall the title/author. By a Western author, definitely. Based on this very limited description can you help us rediscover the novel? A pile of novels that are strong on location awaits the first person to identify the book. Please use the Comments Box for any thoughts.

And in anticipation, a BIG thank you!

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