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Tuesday, 19 June 2012

A poignant novel set in England and Nigeria

As we continuously research books "set in" locations around the world, we sometimes come across novels that deserve their own blogpost, because they are particularly evocative of a place,  and they combine a terrific story with beautiful writing; and this, to our mind, is one of them....

The Other Hand by Chris Cleave, set in the south of England and Nigeria, stuck with us because of the storyline and because of the sometimes whimsical observations. It sooo captures the feel of  England, the South East and London in particular, how the British approach life, how they observe situations, and generally how they 'get on' with their lives. There are well drawn perceptions, too, of others looking in on the British way of life. And the sections set in Nigeria depict a country ripe and full of ominous portent....

And as for the tremendous storyline.....we will leave you to find out....

Have you noticed, by the way, if you screw up your eyes, or hold the book at arms' length, the cover seems to have a pronounced cross, or an "Angel of the North" image, composed of the child against the horizon? How clever is that?

If you have read a brilliant book that is evocative of location and makes a good story, share it with others in our COMMENTS BOX below - and if we don't already feature it, we will add to to our site.

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