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Sunday, 19 May 2013

Gardening themed novels inspired by Chelsea Flower Show

"It is difficult to imagine life without the Chelsea Flower Show; it seems strange that it has only been around for 100 years." (Bunny Guinness The Sunday Telegraph 21.4.13) And here's an interesting fact about this year's show: it is the first year that garden gnomes will be exhibited! To celebrate this centenary we have called on the help from the lovely members over at Mumsnet (particular  thanks to TunipTheVegedude,  NuhichNuhaymuh, DuchessofMalfi, ClawdyColyngbourne, Yousankmybattleship, LatinforTelly, Piprabbit and UndineSpragg) - who are mines of information when it comes to reading - and we have brought together a selection of novels that will inspire any gardener to ditch their trowels and pick up a novel.

Check out our collection on Pinterest and many books that are evocative of location on our website

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