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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

TripFiction is ready for Reader Reviews

"see a location through an author's eyes"

We have a rolling list of review copies to send out to anyone who is looking for a new read - just let us know if you are interested in the Comments Box below and you can choose from some top titles.

We are also inviting readers of our Blog to visit and give us independent reviews of the books on our site.

Reviews are based on both Content and on Location - share with other visitors to the site what you think. Did you enjoy reading the novel, did it transport you to the location? Our research tells us that there are many people out there who value and gain a lot of insight into a chosen location by reading a novel set there - and independent reviews from you will really add value to what we offer.

In time, we would like to be able to collate the top three locational novels set, for example, in Paris or Australia or Moscow - based on the reviews we have received. Would Eat, Pray, Love be at the top of the Rome/India/Bali list, or would there be others that you would favour instead, ones that really conjure up each location?

So, it is now over to you. Visit select the book you want to review from the drop down list and click on Add Review. We have, we hope, made it as easy as possible for visitors to our site to do this.

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