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Sunday, 9 September 2012

Take a virtual tour of Tokyo via fiction

Take a virtual tour into the heart of Tokyo.............

A coming of age story, almost a novella, that charts the relationship between Takashi and Haruka.
For us at TripFiction, this is a fabulous novel that weaves its way into the heart of Tokyo life and brings the city into sharp focus for the reader. This is a great novel for exploring frenetic Tokyo life, offering up little aspects that make Tokyo, well, Tokyo. The automatic opening of taxi doors, the young peoples' love of Western and Japanese named brands,descriptions of the kotatsu heaters that many older style dwellings still have. Pocky Sticks! The intricacies of the subway lines. And the delightful examples of how the Japanese enthusiastically embrace western words and names that result in what, to us, are plain wacky: the author mentions two wedding magazines called Zexy and 25ans, and the coffee shop "hors et dans". It's all there, little vignettes of how the city works.... and not a single mention of Pocari Sweat!! If you fancy an armchair trip to Tokyo, either to rekindle memories of a visit, or to prepare for an upcoming journey; or just because you want a bit of insight, then give this book a go. It is a a quick read and can be purchased via this link:

If you fancy a couple of other novel suggestions, then click on this link to our previous Tokyo blogspot. They are all top reads and will transport you to the city via fiction.


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