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Sunday, 20 May 2012

Two books for starters in Tokyo

Wonderful Tokyo. Bustling metropolis. Inscrutable country.

Sensoji Temple which has 30 million visitors per year

We have lots of books in our database set in Tokyo and have chosen two more unusual ones for anyone who wants to try and get a feel for this complex city. 

We absolutely fell in love with this book! Author Chavouet set out to record Tokyo as he saw and observed the city, creating beautiful line drawings to accompany great observations on the people and culture.

"One of the best books ever written about this city"

And this novel is one we came across as we were researching TripFiction and gives great insight into family values across Japan; the author really knows the country and once you have read it, you too will have gained a little more understanding of some of the complexities that abound at every level

Many more titles on our website....and if you know of a book that is evocative of Japan, and it doesn't already appear in our database, then get in touch via

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