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Saturday, 26 May 2012

A novel set in Nemi near Rome

Ok, you are going to have to trawl the secondhand bookshops for a copy of this book... but it is absolutely wonderful to sit on a terrace cafe, overlooking the Lake at Nemi, eating some tarts, little wild strawberries snuggled in a crème patissière; perhaps even a glass of prosecco to hand. Put your feet up and read this book set here. Take yourself into the past and imagine Caligula playing warship games on the Lake (he would of course have called it Nemorensis Lacus), many sunken Roman warships atest to his activities. Take yourself to the villas that feature in this novel and imagine life as it was.....

And on the first Sunday in June every year they have a strawberry festival. As they say in Italian La sagra delle fragole a Nemi è un appuntamento imperdibile  Or, The Strawberry Festival at Nemi is an appointment not to be missed

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