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Thursday, 20 March 2014

Come and visit the new TRIPFICTION site (click on the links below to find out more)

Fabulous news. Our new TripFiction website is now live. That means that all our blogposts will be moving from here to there, as our blogs are now incorporated into the new site. New posts will appear regularly there too.

Come and make TripFiction your site and help build it into a really valuable resource for both armchair and actual travellers. Explore the world through fiction. Join the discussions, suggest books if we don't already feature them and write reviews - this way you can really help authors get their work out there, and help grow the breadth of the site. And with more reviews we can bring to you the top 10 best reads in any given location; or via our book butler we can help you choose books that suit your taste.

We currently feature 4000 books for you to choose from: 'experience your chosen location through the eye of an author', it can be such a fascinating way to explore a place.

Look forward to seeing you soon!

The TripFiction Team

And you can join us on Twitter, Facebook and Pinterest where we peruse books and travel and more...

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