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Thursday, 13 June 2013

Tranquil Light over BROOKLYN (and NYC and JAPAN)

“I had always thought, from my outpost on Mount Nagata, that great beauty could be the product of only of nature. But these American skyscrapers – columns of shiny black mica, windows the colour of tremolite – were redolent with something else. They spoke to me of man-made dreams made concrete and grounded in rock, of lives fully lived. They were the solid manifestations of soaring spirit and a kind of service to a greater cause. Even the broken Manhattan skyline, where the towers had once stood, spoke to me of immense human suffering and even greater endurance. There was something unique about New York’s mountain ridge of buildings..” Seido-san’s observations of New York, quoted from Buddahland Brooklyn.

Buddahland Brooklyn by Richard C Morais is now reviewed on the new TripFiction website here

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