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Sunday, 7 October 2012

Brazil comes alive in books

We have brought together a rich selection of novels, so that readers can get a real insider feel for different parts of Brazil - Rio, Manaus, and Sao Paulo . Click on the covers to discover more about each book and to buy, and available from your local bookstore.


A novel that is written in short bursts through the eyes of centenarian Eulálio D'Assumpção as he talks to his daughter, to the wall of his hospital/nursing home, and how he longs for Matilde, his belle. He reminisces about the history of Brazil, certain interludes of his life that remain with him and looks back on the relationship he had with his Mother.

 'To read Spilt Milk is to hold Brazil in your hands in the form of a novel'

Set against a city on the edge of reality, of high towers and seething favelas, of rich enclaves and social stratification. Ludo is a boy taken from the slum of Heliopolis and raised in the gated wealth of Angel Park. Highly credible characters locked in often extreme situations - By turns darkly humorous and poignant, Scudamore's Booker Prize-nominated novel is a highly original take on the rags-to-riches story.

Set in the Manaus area of Brazil, every descriptive page leads the reader through an intriguing plot: Dr Annick Swenson is working on a closely guarded project/ Amder Eckiman is sent to investigate, but he never returns. Marina Singh, Ander's colleague and former Swenson student arrives to track down her former tutor and establish the fate of her colleague.  What Marina does not yet know is that, in this ancient corner of the jungle, where the muddy waters and susurrating grasses hide countless unknown perils and temptations, she will face challenges beyond her wildest imagination. Marina is no longer the student, but only time will tell if she has learnt enough.

Which book for you conjures up Brazil through its pages? Come and share your recommendations in the Comments Box. We love to hear from you.

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