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Wednesday, 18 July 2012

Warm up for the Olympics with more London based fiction

Eyes will soon be directed towards London and the big sporting event coming up there. We bring you some more novels set in different areas of  the Metropolis, which, we feel, offer the reader a quintessential feel to the city, in all its wonderful diversity. 

If you decide you would like to buy one of our featured books, you would help us enormously by clicking on the link. This will take you straight through to the book and then to Amazon; for each sale that clicks through from our site - and, dear reader, this includes Porsche cars as well as books - then we receive a small percentage from that sale. This will enable us to get funding together so that we can build this site into a truly top resource for those who want to experience a location via fiction. If you are new to this concept, then just give our recommended books a go, follow the characters along the capital's streets, see the English in their own environment, and enjoy the city from a very different and intimate perspective.

Stratford East - Barbara Nadel brings us a new and original pair of detectives in poverty-stricken Stratford East, whose inhabitants are cynical about any possible improvements the Olympic Park can make to their wretched lives. Here another set of Londoners is impelled towards disaster. Maria, a faded stand-up comedian whose fame reached its apogee 20 years ago, seeks the help of dodgy private investigator Lee Arnold when she begins to experience frightening delusions. Maybe they're not all in her mind, which is, frankly, rather filthy.......

Belgravia - Disgruntled servants working in salubrious Belgravia. Not all are unhappy with their lot, for there are Dickensian below-stairs exploiters as well as thoughtless bankers and aristocrats in the grand apartments above, although the chauffeur who finds himself obliged to service both the mistress and the daughter of the house is uncertain as to his good fortune. The novel's plot forms a complex web in which power sways back and forth between employer and employed, where every coming or going has an observer, and it's not long before we anticipate at least two deaths on the way.

SOHO - Alice lives in Soho and her life revolves around her career and attending glamorous premieres and parties. But her life is completely transformed when her partner decides to buy a puppy. Hilarious anecdotes and how to clear up mess (do not wear a scarf!) in this romp through London.....

"A must read if you love dogs!!"

In a past blog we have featured books set in the following areas of London:

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