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Sunday, 25 March 2012

How we came up with the idea of TripFiction

Experiencing a location through the pages of a book is one of the most rewarding ways to get to know somewhere new. Perhaps the book offers a bit of background history, a gripping storyline and some local characters; it gears you up for a new experience as you walk into another world, you can see a destination through the eyes of an author.

And this is where it all started, by the pool of the Bel-Aire Princess Hotel in Bangkok.

Sitting on a lounger by the pool, listening to the street noises, the smell of delicious cooking wafting up from street level, the birds wheeling overhead and the sun dropping down behind the skyscrapers....... and reading "Bangkok Tattoo" by John Burdett. Some of the action takes place just a couple of "Soi" away from the hotel. The feel of Bangkok just lifted off the pages, the heat, the smell and the bustle -  this novel offered that extra, magical dimension that guidebooks alone cannot offer. From that point we were hooked into reading locational fiction. Come and join us and experience the thrill of being right there in the action in words.

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"see a location through an author's eyes"       

Lots of inspirational books here to transport you to over 870 destinations around the globe. 

Help us to build this site into an even more valuable resource for travellers by suggesting books that are especially evocative of a place, and come and rate and review for us.

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